Seal of Biliteracy

Validating Multilingual Students

Lexikeet is proud to help recognize students’ bilingual achievements! Many states offer the chance for their students to earn special recognition on their High School diplomas by passing a standardized language assessment. For less-commonly assessed languages, however, it can be difficult to find an assessment, making it next to impossible for students to earn the acknowledgement they deserve.  Thankfully, Lexikeet has you covered!

Lexikeet can assess almost any language need you have! Let’s get those multilingual high schoolers recognized for maintaining or learning another language!

Our seal of biliteracy assessment allows students to receive this certificate even if their school doesn’t offer the language they want to receive their biliteracy certificate in. This is available for all students regardless of their native language.

Make them feel proud of their language skills and knowledge!

Lexikeet’s Seal of Biliteracy Portfolio Assessment

    • Assesses all 4 fluency domains (reading, writing, listening, speaking) 
    • Is ACTFL standards-based
    • Follows state-specific requirements for assessment
    • Provides easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance for teachers and students
    • Returns assessment results within 2 weeks
    • Relies on trained and dedicated multilingual assessors

Seal of Biliteracy Case Study

One Massachusetts School District was in need of Jamaican Patois, Twi, and Tagalog Seal of Biliteracy Portfolio assessments. Having heard from a neighboring district about Lexikeet, they reached out. Our Seal of Biliteracy coordinator quickly got everything rolling and guided the district personnel & students at every turn. 

We at Lexikeet often hear from our Assessors how pleased they are to talk to young people who are valuing their home culture and language so much. It’s a positive experience all around and gives the students formal recognition on their High School diploma to boot!

Services Especially for School Districts

Easier Meetings

Schedule meetings with your ELs and their families, all with the click of a button! IEP, 504, SPED meetings & more!  Lexikeet is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.

Stay Compliant With State & Federal Regulations

Lexikeet enables schools to meet and exceed State and Federal Mandates to provide language services to ELs.

Stretch Your School's Budget

Lexikeet's competitive pricing and unique document templating allows school districts to save money on translations!

“I believe the highlight of our collaborative efforts was when the students called me up after their speaking assessment and were inspired by and in admiration of the examiner. I actually had students ask me if they could have a conversation with her just for fun in the future.”

– ESL Teacher

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