Parent Portal

Facilitating Communication Between Teachers and Parents

Lexikeet has had a lot of experience helping schools to successfully contact parents across the United States. But we felt something was still missing . . . What if parents who don’t speak English need to contact the school instead?

That’s why we created the Parent Portal!

With the Parent Portal, your ESL parents will be able to contact you in just a few clicks!  Give parents who don’t speak English the opportunity to reach out to your school when they need help or need to make a report, such as letting the school know about an absence.  Parents are much more likely to communicate with schools when they can do so in their own language, making it easier to track important information! 

Services Especially for School Districts

Easier Meetings

Schedule meetings with your ELs and their families, all with the click of a button! IEP, 504, SPED meetings & more!  Lexikeet is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.

Stay Compliant With State & Federal Regulations

Lexikeet enables schools to meet and exceed State and Federal Mandates to provide language services to ELs.

Stretch Your School's Budget

Lexikeet's competitive pricing and unique document templating allows school districts to save money on translations!

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