Interpreter Live Streams

Stream to Large Crowds

For large virtual events, such as conferences or presentations, Lexikeet allows you to use its proprietary streaming platform to reach more families at once!  Simply deliver your message in English and a friendly interpreter will convey it to the families that need it. With Lexikeet’s Live stream service, you can reach your English-speaking families while also ensuring that your EL families never fall through the cracks. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

With large events, you’ll sometimes need to provide language services for multiple families that speak completely different languages. 

With Lexikeet’s support, you can deliver your message in English and simultaneously in as many languages as you like during an online event.  By using Lexikeet’s simultaneous interpretation service, multiple interpreters will be able to stream directly, and simultaneously, to the people who need it, enabling you to reach more families at once, and cutting the time it takes to interpret for multiple languages by more than half!

Video Interpretation is ideal for:

    • IEP meetings
    • 504 meetings
    • SPED meetings
    • Parent conferences
    • Live streams
    • District-wide meetings
    • LPAC meetings
    • Mental health evaluations
    • Social services and early intervention sessions
    • Intake meetings
    • And much more!

Lexikeet is fully FERPA and HIPAA compliant, so you can trust us with all your interpretation needs!

Services Especially for School Districts

Easier Meetings

Schedule meetings with your ELs and their families, all with the click of a button! IEP, 504, SPED meetings & more!  Lexikeet is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.

Stay Compliant With State & Federal Regulations

Lexikeet enables schools to meet and exceed State and Federal Mandates to provide language services to ELs.

Stretch Your School's Budget

Lexikeet's competitive pricing and unique document templating allows school districts to save money on translations!

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