Check-In Calls

We do the Calls so You Don’t Have to

When a survey or a form needs to be signed by an EL parent, teachers are often at a loss as to how to communicate that information over the phone.  With Lexikeet, we’ll make that call for you, and our linguists will bridge that comprehension gap!

Lexikeet linguists can call your contacts in over 100 languages with your custom message at an affordable rate. There’s no need to book an interpreter to get your parents to answer your questions.  With this service, our interpreters will call your families and get their answers right back to you!  Just sit back and relax, knowing you’ll never be forced to take time out of your busy schedule for these calls again!

Check-In Calls Case Study

A public school in Massachusetts with about 500 students from K through 6th grade created an international cultural fair and wanted to invite their English as a Second Language families to participate. Although it was an event focused on these families, the school was having trouble engaging them in the initiative due to the language barrier. That’s when Lexikeet came into play. 

By using our check-in calls, the school had our interpreters call each family to give them details about the event and invite them to participate by bringing their own culture to the fair. The calls also included directions about what to display and how to display dishes, crafts, paintings, music, and dance! 

ESL families across the district realized it was an opportunity for them to show their own traditions and about 7 families added 7 more cultural tables to the event.

Services Especially for School Districts

Easier Meetings

Schedule meetings with your ELs and their families, all with the click of a button! IEP, 504, SPED meetings & more!  Lexikeet is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.

Stay Compliant With State & Federal Regulations

Lexikeet enables schools to meet and exceed State and Federal Mandates to provide language services to ELs.

Stretch Your School's Budget

Lexikeet's competitive pricing and unique document templating allows school districts to save money on translations!

I have been so impressed with Lexikeet’s services. I especially appreciate the Check-In Call service because it saved me time while helping us know exactly how to help our families in need!”

– ENL Director

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