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Learn how over 1,200 schools are improving their communication with parents in 16 different states.


A Bright Way to Stretch your Budget!

Lexikeet helps school districts reduce costs while improving communication with ESL families.

Lexikeet is The Perfect Language Solution for School Districts & More!

Lexikeet specializes in providing services for the education sector, making it the ideal solution for school districts, charter schools, private schools, colleges, and educational collaboratives (we have relationships with state cooperatives, BOCES, and more). Our number one goal is to keep schools compliant with federal and state mandates!

We are 100% FERPA and HIPAA compliant, so we’ve got your school district covered.

Ask us about our educational collaborative discount program!


Interpretation & Translation is our Specialty!

Lexikeet offers 100% remote interpretation services, document translation, and document templating, bringing you convenience, savings, and privacy in an all-in-one package.

    • Pay as you go, only when you need it!
    • Transparent and Competitive Pricing!
    • Video & Phone interpretation
    • Request at any time from anywhere
    • Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation
    • Live Stream with real-time interpretation
    • Trained, professional interpreters & translators
    • FERPA and HIPAA compliant
    • Over 100 languages available

Strengthening Communities, One Language at a Time

Have a translation or interpretation need outside of the education sector? No problem!  Lexikeet places dual emphasis on community services as well as schools, making us the perfect fit for:

    • WIC agencies
    • Refugee centers
    • Law enforcement agencies
    • Social services
    • Early intervention
    • Libraries
    • Community outreach and more

Many of our interpreters and translators have specialty certifications, including: Medical, Legal, Business, Technical, and more!


Lexikeet’s Unique Suite of Products At-A-Glance

Document Translation –  Upload large documents or simply type a short blurb into our innovative text manager. Lexikeet can handle any job, with lightning fast returns for small documents!  Learn more!

Document TemplatingAvoid the high costs of translations with Lexikeet’s easy-to-implement document templating feature. Perfect for report cards, IEPs and 504s to non-English speaking families.  Learn more!

Video Interpretation – Easily connect remotely with qualified interpreters from across the US. Our network is ready to service your needs! Learn more!

On-Demand – Need an interpreter right away? No problem!  We can cover you within minutes, video or phone, 2 way or 3 way. A perfect solution for nurses and registration staff!  Learn more!

Voice-overs – Need multilingual voice-overs of your “robocalls”, instructional videos, or custom video creation? We’ve got you! Learn more!

Simultaneous InterpretationHosting a live stream, open house, or presentation? Allow us to provide for your real-time, simultaneous interpretation needs! Learn more!

Check-in Calls – Simply provide us with a script you’d like us to convey and our bilingual reps will call the people you need to reach. Affordable and convenient! Learn more!

Seal of Biliteracy – Multilingual students deserve to be recognized for their talents. Lexikeet helps you do just that with our easy-to-use, 4 domain assessment for almost any language! Learn more!

Parent Portal – Wondering how to encourage meaningful EL/LEP engagement? The Parent Portal allows parents to request contact from your school in their home language right from their smartphone! Learn more!

EL/LEP Outreach Case Study

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, schools and families were reeling. One New York school district reached out to all their EL families using Lexikeet’s Check-in Call service to figure out exactly where families needed support. The district provided Lexikeet with a list of families and contact information, along with a script of the questions and information they wished us to convey. Our bilingual representatives called each family up to 2 times for one flat fee and conveyed the information. Through these efforts, the district was able to identify multiple families who needed help with technology and one family who was desperate for food. The school’s food department even made sure to bring halal-prepared food, based on the family’s dietary needs.


Services Especially for School Districts


Easier Meetings

Schedule meetings with your ELs and their families, all with the click of a button! IEP, 504, SPED meetings & more!  Lexikeet is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.


Stay Compliant With State & Federal Regulations

Lexikeet enables schools to meet and exceed State and Federal Mandates to provide language services to ELs.


Stretch Your School's Budget

Lexikeet's competitive pricing and unique document templating allows school districts to save money on translations!

“For the past 11 years I have long been looking for the most robust and efficient product for language translation and interpretation services to meet the unique needs of our students, staff, and town constituents. In February of 2021, I found that product.

Lexikeet is uniquely qualified to provide school systems and other organizations the tools they need to break down the language barriers in their communities. Lexikeet provides us with written translation services in an abundance of languages that can be turned around in a matter of a few days or even hours. These translation services have been used for letters, emails, formal documents, and other school related written documentation, all at a reasonable price.

What sets them apart from the rest is their ability to provide On-Demand or scheduled interpretation services through their own video conferencing system. Their product allows us to access an interpreter for student registration, parent meetings, community events and more. It has been too often that our district has had to ask a parent to come back at a time when we can make an interpreter available. These language barriers have led to student learning loss, an issue that has now been resolved due to Lexikeet's On-Demand services.”

- Deputy Superintendent of Schools

“I am thrilled with Lexikeet - parents are more actively engaged in team meetings and leave with a better understanding of the discussion and next steps for their child.”

- Special Education Director

“We have found Lexikeet’s on-demand interpreter service very valuable when needing to speak to a parent urgently, scheduling meetings with families or assisting families who may not have an appointment but whom have arrived in person and we need to have an immediate conversation.

- Administrative Assistant For Teaching & Learning and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“When we began exploring language service providers to assist the diverse families in our school community the pandemic was in its early stages. As we found ourselves heading into unchartered territory with how to engage with our families remotely Lexikeet responded by providing solutions through technologies that were available and some that were under development. Our school administration held virtual meetings to communicate important information with the school community using Lexikeet's technology platform and they provided interpreters for Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole attendees. Lexikeet worked with our IT department to record these meetings and make them available in our IT environment. Our nursing staff continues to use Lexikeet on a regular basis for phone calls home to families as healthcare needs have increased over the past few years as well. 

Lexikeet's customer service is exceptional and representatives are very responsive. If there were interruptions in the technology used for virtual parent teacher meetings, they were able to troubleshoot on the spot and resolve or understand the issue and respond accordingly in a very timely and professional manner.” 

- Supervisor of Registration, Translation & Transportation

“The staff has been incredibly responsive to our needs, questions, and wonders as we have worked to implement video/phone interpretation. The timelines for assigning translators to documents and interpreters to meetings has been very smooth and the turn-around has been very short.”

 - Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

"We love Lexikeet because their interpretation service is so easy to use and is a critical component in keeping open communication with our families! In addition, the cost of Lexikeet's interpretation services is far below what we pay for 'live' interpreters and gives us options in terms of how we use the service (computer, phone) which makes it flexible to our needs.”

- EL Director K-12

“We use Lexikeet, and it has been a great tool. They do document translation, video/phone translation, and can even translate your robocalls. We’ve had the same rep for a few years and they offer THE BEST customer service of any of the tech companies I have worked with.”

- Director of Curriculum & Instruction

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Lexikeet Works to Bridge Any Language Gap

We currently provide services for over 100 languages, including Mayan languages,  such as Mam, Ixil, Kʼicheʼ or Quichéas, and are adding more all the time! Our most popular languages include: Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Arabic!  Click here to see every language we offer!

We are always looking to expand our language bank, especially according to customer needs. Contact us if you have a language need we currently don’t cover!

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