Why Lexikeet® Spanish?
Built by an International Team of Experts
Lexikeet Spanish is created and maintained by a group of experienced Spanish and ESL teachers hailing from several different countries and backgrounds. As a result, the program is sensitive to the many different Spanish dialects, particularly the language gulf between Spain and Latin American countries. We are proud to facilitate all Lexikeet Spanish learners in being able to become familiar with and understand many forms of Spanish!
Listening, Reading, Speaking, AND Writing
We believe that to best learn the Spanish language, you need to be strong in all four domains of language learning. Lexikeet® Spanish emphasizes each area and automatically learns what you're good at and what areas to focus on for practice. Everybody's got different strengths and weaknesses, and no matter what yours are, we've got you covered with personalized learning based on Lexikeet's proprietary software technology.
Conjugate Like a Native
Very few Spanish learners feel very confident in their verb conjugations, and for good reason: Conjugating verbs can be hard! And yet, almost every sentence you'll ever want to say in Spanish requires at least one conjugation. Our Verb Munch game not only teaches you how to conjugate verbs, but also lets you practice over 500 different verbs across all 19 important verb tenses. You can speak Spanish confidently, knowing that you've actually practiced every verb form with Lexi!
From Mexico to Spain
We recognize that lots of countries share Spanish as a native tongue. Our language experts have made sure that Lexikeet® Spanish will suit your needs regardless of which area of the world interests you most. Regional pronunciations, word choices, and grammar are carefully explained and demonstrated where needed.
Robust Spaced Rehearsal
Lexikeet® Spanish isn't just online flashcards. Our unique spaced rehearsal engine caters itself to YOUR time and YOUR needs. Unlike good flashcard programs that let you independently test one concept at a time, our system correlates your specific data on listening, reading, speaking, and writing for every piece of Spanish vocabulary and grammar you learn, making tracking your progress both comprehensive and effortless.
Leximmersion™ Technology
Our Spanish language experts are constantly adding to our database of useful sentences, readings, and listenings. When you're ready to add more vocabulary, you can find a topic that you like, pull up a reading, and add any words you don't know right from the page! That vocabulary will automatically be added to your study so that you can not only practice your comprehension, but pick up the vocabulary you need to improve it without having to refer to your notes or export files!
Do Grammar, Not Just Learn It
Native Spanish speakers never have to learn the names of complicated grammar concepts to use them, so why should you? Our growing library of grammar and situational activities are designed to help you experience HOW to use grammar in a practical way, so that well-formed sentences will start spilling from your mouth quickly and easily. And we'll keep adding more principles based on YOUR feedback on what you want to be able to do and say!
No-Stress Learning
One of the best parts about Lexikeet® Spanish is that there doesn't have to be any stress. You might have bad memories of stressful homework and scary tests in school, but we mean it when we say that your only job is to log in and play for fifteen minutes a day. We'll keep bringing back stuff you need to review exactly when you need to review it, so you can just focus on the fun and learning!
Catering to Any Skill Level
We give advanced Spanish language learners the tune up they need. Need to learn all the verb conjugations? Want to brush up on vocabulary? Want to pick up some grammar that you haven’t had a chance to use yet? Good at reading but want to punch up your listening skills? You’ve come to the right place! Just mark Advanced in your language survey and you’ll skip right past the basics.
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