Lexikeet is . . . Lifetime Learning
Lexikeet Uses Proven Learning Methods
If you've ever thought about learning a new language, then you may have heard it said that there is no better teacher than full language immersion – it's how a child learns a language after all – but how many people are in a position where they can interact with a new language 24/7 as a child would? Short of moving to a foreign country, most honest attempts at "full immersion" language learning inevitably fall short.

In fact, language studies have shown that teens and adults actually learn a new language best when immersion is coupled with translation exercises. It increases your self-confidence, lowers your anxiety, and improves your learning performance.

The reasons behind it make perfect sense too – you already know how to speak one language well, so why not leverage that knowledge to learn another? Lexikeet's language learning software models itself on this proven method, providing daily translation exercises to help you learn how to read, write, listen, and speak a new language, while enhancing your ability to use those exercises within an immersive environment that includes supplemental games and an ever-growing library of grammar principles.

When it comes to learning a language the right way, Lexikeet is your best option!

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