Lexikeet is . . . Personalized Learning
Lexikeet Helps You Reach Your Language Learning Goals
Language learners come in lots of different types – the world traveler, the student, the businessman, the hobbyist, the volunteer, and more. With so many kinds of learners out there, all with unique language goals, how can one standardized learning model work effectively for each of them? The truth is, it can't.

That's why Lexikeet allows each user to set their own language learning goals right from the start. That way you have a say in determining the type of study that is most important to you. Then, as your lifestyle changes or your goals shift, you can adjust your learning with just a few simple clicks to ensure that your learning always stays relevant.

You are free to customize your Lexikeet settings as much as you like, ensuring an experience designed just for you. Set the amount of time you wish to study each day, choose your learning pace, and even select which of the language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) will help you learn exactly what you need most.

Want to understand a language, but don't care about being able to write it? Then turn off the writing exercises if you'd like. Taking a vacation real soon and wish to speak with the locals? Then enable speaking as a high priority. While Lexikeet recommends learning words and phrases for all four language skills, the power is entirely yours to decide what and how you will learn best.

Whatever your learning goals are, Lexikeet will help you reach them, not tell you what they should be!

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